Dr. Amar Agarwal
Dr. Amar Agarwal INDIA
Dr. Anthony Vivian
Dr. Anthony Vivian UK
Dr. Boris Malyugin
Dr. Boris Malyugin RUSSIA
Dr. David Chang
Dr. David Chang USA
Dr. Davinder Grover
Dr. Davinder Grover USA
Dr. Deepak Megur
Dr. Deepak Megur INDIA
Dr. Deepak P. Edward
Dr. Deepak P. Edward USA
Dr. Fotis Topouzis
Dr. Fotis Topouzis GREECE
Dr. Francesco Carones
Dr. Francesco Carones ITALY
Dr. Giovanni Marcon
Dr. Giovanni Marcon ITALY
Dr. Haykel Kamoun
Dr. Haykel Kamoun TUNISIA
Dr. Ian Pearce
Dr. Ian Pearce UK
Dr. Muralidhar Ramappa
Dr. Muralidhar Ramappa INDIA
Dr. Pooja Khamar
Dr. Pooja Khamar INDIA
Dr. Rohit Shetty
Dr. Rohit Shetty INDIA
Dr. Adel Alkeely
Dr. Adel Alkeely SAUDI ARABIA
Dr. Ahmed Assaf
Dr. Ahmed Assaf EGYPT
Dr. Ahmed Awadein
Dr. Ahmed Awadein EGYPT
Dr. Ahmed Mostafa
Dr. Ahmed Mostafa EGYPT
Dr. Amal Alhemidan
Dr. Amal Alhemidan SAUDI ARABIA
Dr. Hany Hamza
Dr. Hany Hamza EGYPT
Dr. Hassan Mortada
Dr. Hassan Mortada EGYPT
Dr. Mahmood Showail
Dr. Mahmood Showail SAUDI ARABIA
Dr. Mohamed Hosny
Dr. Mohamed Hosny EGYPT
Dr. Mohamed Moghazy
Dr. Mohamed Moghazy EGYPT
Dr. Mohamed Shafik
Dr. Mohamed Shafik EGYPT
Dr. Nader Bayoumi
Dr. Nader Bayoumi EGYPT
Dr. Shady Awwad
Dr. Shady Awwad LEBANON
Dr. Sherif Sheta
Dr. Sherif Sheta EGYPT
Dr. Siham Lazreg
Dr. Siham Lazreg ALGERIA
Dr. Wael Soliman
Dr. Wael Soliman EGYPT
Dr. Abeer Al Ali
Dr. Abeer Al Ali UAE
Dr. Aishah Ali Al Dhanhani
Dr. Aishah Ali Al Dhanhani UAE
Dr. Ahmed Alneyadi
Dr. Ahmed Alneyadi UAE
Dr. Ahmed Elkhashab
Dr. Ahmed Elkhashab UAE
Dr. Ashwaq Bin Amro
Dr. Ashwaq Bin Amro UAE
Dr. Murad Alobthani
Dr. Murad Alobthani UAE
Dr. Saleh Saif Al Messabi
Dr. Saleh Saif Al Messabi UAE
Dr. Salman Waqar
Dr. Salman Waqar UAE
More speakers to be added for EPOMEC 2024, stay tuned for the updates!

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